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Local NewsCashier at Chinese restaurant has racist outburst towards customer

Cashier at Chinese restaurant has racist outburst towards customer

A video, which was initially posted on TikTok, shows a cashier at Choo Choo Express in Duluth being racist towards a black woman.

The woman who is a former employee at the restaurant tells us, “I was cursed and was told racist remarks when I was trying to order.”

She adds, “this happens every time I try to order. I just happened to get it on camera.”

The reviews on Google for the restaurant are filled with similar racist encounters customers have experienced in the past.

In the video, the cashier is seen upset that another employee gave the woman free food; referring to him as a “beaner,” a racial slur towards Hispanics.

However, the former employee denies she was given a free meal, “no, I came to order and paid. A cook gave me dumplings and he referred to him as a beaner. I paid regardless. I still paid for my meal. I always do.”

The cashier’s story feed on Instagram @callmechanyoung reveal his repetitive and casual use of the n-word.

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  1. The Asian guy at Choo Choo Express in Duluth, who was racially insulting the black woman is a fucking chink, a fucking savage gook and a fucking yellow mongoloid ape from the forest of China and Japan.


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