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Local NewsDid Kevin Samuels really pass away from a heart attack?

Did Kevin Samuels really pass away from a heart attack?

There were rumors of Kevin Samuels’ death trending today on Twitter; with unconfirmed reports that he was found unresponsive at his Atlanta home Thursday morning. Samuels was reportedly transported by Grady hospital to an Atlanta hospital where he passed away from a heart attack.

The 57-year-old rose in popularity through his YouTube videos where he gave relationship and dating advice that stirred up a lot of controversy. Samuels was featured in the music video for Future’s “Worst Day.”

Some people reacted to the news by celebrating his death while others disagreed with celebrating someone’s death and held on to their morals. However, both sides were eagerly waiting to see if the rumors were true or not.

Unfortunately, REVOLT TV says they have confirmed from reliable sources that Kevin Samuels has passed away.

We will continue to update this story as it develops.

UPDATE: According to NBC News, his mother, Beverly Samuels-Burch, confirmed Kevin Samuels has died. She told NBC News she learned of her son’s death from social media, “That was a terrible thing for social media to put that out. I didn’t even know. I hadn’t even been notified.”

Atlanta police say they responded to a call at an apartment on E. Paces Ferry regarding a person injured. When officers arrived, they noticed an unresponsive black male on the
floor of his apartment.

They met a woman, Ortencia Alcantara, who said that she met Samuels the night before and spent the night with him at his apartment. She also said early that morning, Samuels complained of chest pain, and she tried to help him, but he fell on top or her and began to call 911.

She requested the 911 operator to ask the front desk for a defibrillator to keep him responsive until Grady arrived because she is a nurse. Samuels was later transported to Piedmont Hospital.

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