Thursday, August 25, 2022
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Local NewsWhite woman accuses Black veteran of grabbing her butt at QT, security...

White woman accuses Black veteran of grabbing her butt at QT, security footage doesn’t show alleged assault

On April 8, 2022, Darius Rice, a military veteran, and current military contractor, was handcuffed and body-slammed by Clinch County Sheriff Stephen Tinsley while he tried to leave a QuikTrip gas station in Henry County.

Rice’s attorney, Latrice Latin Alexander, tells us, “As Rice was leaving the QT restroom, a white woman backed into him while she was at the coffee bar. Rice asked to be excused and continued walking.” The woman, later identified as April Tinsley, quickly accused Rice of grabbing her butt and demanded her husband, the elected Sherriff of Clinch County, to arrest him on the spot.

The Sherriff then handcuffed Rice and threw him to the ground, where he temporarily lost consciousness. Rice’s girlfriend became aware of what was occurring and pulled out her phone to record the incident; Mrs. Tinsley pursued to snatch the phone out of her hand and threw it in the back seat of their unmarked truck with a prisoner inmate they were transporting. This encounter led to a scuffle between the two; while several witnesses were recording.

Henry County Police Department, assisted by the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, responded to the call and arrived on the scene. According to the police report, Henry County police viewed security footage from QuikTrip that showed Rice accidentally bumping into Mrs. Tinsley and making an apologizing hand gesture. The officer states, “it did not look as if Mr. Darius purposely or intentionally grabbed or groped Ms. Tinsley’s buttocks.”

However, the Clinch County Sherriff insisted he still gets charged. The Henry County Sheriff’s Office arrested and charged him with a sexual battery as a professional courtesy, ruining his life within moments.

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  1. American society makes it next to impossible for humans to meet in America and not be conscious of their color differences. And we both agreed that if racism could be removed, America could offer a society where rich and poor could truly live like human beings….The white man is not inherently evil, but America’s racist society influences him to act evilly. The society has produced and nourishes a psychology which brings out the lowest, most base part of human beings.”

  2. Is this what America is coming to ? This is part of the hatred being put into young kids minds. The sheriff should be impeached and the wife should be punished for causing a racist act. Sure her husband reacted out of love but once the facts came cleared he should have apologized and be made to pay his medical bill. Lastly, how is he transporting an inmate with his wife in the vehicle with him and she’s not a deputy ? Nobody is talking about the abuse of power

  3. This is bull…and pie face knows it!
    Plz go public with all parties involved.
    It’s still happening in 2022!
    Well we know this is her way to get attention.
    And big boy wanted to play the hero and fail miserably!

  4. That is really some bullshit, those Karen’s has lied on blk ppl and had blk men hung and towns burn down. Wife should’ve beat her ass and really gave something to scream about. Now I said


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